-  Elan 210

Alnö Runt 2020


My local sailing club arrange the Alnö runt regatta every year, where we sail around the island Alnö outside Sundsvall (Sweden). The course is around 25 NM long and is a SRS regatta (SRS is the Swedish Sailing Federation’s Rating System). The race is usually in June, but due to Covid 19 we was forced to sail a short handed version of the race in June, and had an extra full crew normal race in August when Corona restrictions is less strict.

I did not mange to get together any crew at all so I sailed it single-handed. The start was in very light winds, around 1-2 m/s but the seabreeze built just after start and built some during the day. The first part of the race was a beat upwind in light air and I performed very nicely and was head of most similar SRS boats. Then we turned the south east corner of the island Alnö and got a in to nice reach/run in 5-6 m/s wind all the way to the north west corner of the island. I had beautiful gennaker sailing and hold my ground well. But then we turned the corner and came in to the Alnö straight, between the island and mainland. This is a narrow straight that offered very puffy and shifting winds. We had wind between 3 m/s and 9-10 m/s in puffs and fast shifts up to 40 degrees back and forth. That kind of puffy shifting wind in a narrow straight is very challenging when sailing single-handed in this boat so I lost a lot to competing boats on the long beet back to finish.

But I had a nice day on the water with beautiful weather and nice sailing.
One if the pictures show my AIS track from MarineTraffic during the day.


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